Questions and answers:

How to drive:

After you have received instruction, you will have permission to drive on a smaller track with two cones, driving in an 8 number. You learn easy about wind direction, drive direction and how to turn. We will help you, it is easy and after 10 minutes you have control of the most. Depending on age and how fast you become routine, you must drive further down and free on the beach.

How old do you have to be:

As a starting point children and young can drive from about 9 years age (high 135 cm) in light wind. Remember Fanø Blokart has two double seat Blokart so small children also can have a trip.

Could anything happen:

Safety has a high priority at Fanø Blokart. You must drive with the fasten seat belt and helmet tighten which you borrow from us. As with any other traffic applies, you are driving with responsibility and take into account other people will be on the beach. There is plenty of space on Fanø beach.

Weather conditions:

Rain and too much wind means dangerous driving and Blokart activity will be canceled. Optimal wind is 5 to 10 m/sec. If wind blows more than 11 m/sec., activity will be canceled. We try to find another time according to your/yours wishes.


You drive on your “own responsibility”. If you are under 18 years, it will be your parent or guardian, who is in charge of responsibility.

Can you drive 2 in one Blokart:

Yes, Fanø Blokart has two Blokart “double seat” which exists for an adult and a child. Two adults are not allowed.


Clothes and shoes that is practical and resistant to getting dirty. No loose hanging clothes parts. If the beach is wet, there will be splash of wet sand.

Where to drive:

Buggy area south of Rindby which is marked for official driving area. After instruction you drive on a defined lane in 8 number boundaries to achieve necessary routine. After that you drive more free within the official driving area.